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2017-12-14 10:22:31

Are you aware of that London is the leader in the fascinating space of versatile collections of coins? It is worth to visit London as it is one of the international collections of coins there. I would like to invite you to explore the world of numismatics shops further. First one in our list is British museum where coins are able to be shown to you in a special room. The most fabulous thing there is an opportunity to take the coins into closer than just to look at them through the glass. If you desire not just to examine coins in special rooms, please be so kind to go to the shop named Coincraft. It is amazing spacious stock which is able to offer you astonishing selection. From 1955 the owner of Coincraft and collectors love and respect each other as the shop the plays crucial role in distributing market. Reviewing of diverse collections including as ancient ones as latest coins brings you unconventional adventure. Our next guest is the company named Spink. Since its foundation in 1666, there has been the huge amount of versatile auctions there. 

Spink is able to propose you numerous collections not only of coins but banknotes, stamps, books and fine wines. Moreover, you have an opportunity to acquire books about numismatics as Spink is still the most well- known publisher in the world of coins. One or two books should put over you certainly. The company has made a funny trick. You go down to the basement in order to conduct the respective payment. You become an eyewitness of the cash register and next to it, auction hall. Obviously, you are invited to look it through. 

Classical Numismatic Group originally is from the USA, but the company has the branch also in London. The main diversity of its branch is in the preliminary appointment, commonly by the phone. Otherwise, you will not be able to find the entrance. At the same time, the staff will give you required consultancy with joy if you prefer to pick up coins only in London. One more company named Roma Numismatics is still young on the market of coins, but it is very emerging. Recently, due to fascinating work of its leader, the company has conducted two auctions a year and ten auctions where the most valuable coins have been presented. These events allowed the company to gain high-quality reputation in the world of coins. 

Among other auctioneers, Roma is the most well-known and reputable collector of ancient coins. These coins can be from all over the world and from diverse times, for example, samples from the medieval period. Naturally, above-mentioned companies are just a small part of the numismatic world. Such companies as Spink are auction house with long-time traditions. Roma Numismatics, on the contrary, is junior and forward-minded. Coincraft is able to suggest old-fashioned classic coins. If you are looking for fascinating discovery, then you are welcome to their shop. Besides, please be informed about plenty of auction houses from diverse countries which have their branches in London. 

Please do not forget that such branches do not possess respective shop. You are highly advised to make an appointment in advance. Taking all above-mentioned into account, you are free to decide on what company is worth to take in.

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