Announcing the 2018 Gala Honorees

2017-12-14 10:23:12

In January, 2018 the American Numismatic Society, one of the most prominent non-profit organization in the United States that unites notorious collectors throughout the country, will award the Rosen Family with their Trustee Award. The honorable nominees have supported the movement for almost half a century. Thanks to their efforts the Society has acquired a variety of extremely rare items. 

The members of the Board have voted to honor their dedication and generous contribution. It would not be possible without Jonathan Rosen, the head of the family. He has been collecting coins throughout his life. The first item appeared on his display when he was just 10 years old. His passion started with a Roman Denarius that his parents presented him on his birthday. Mr. Rosen has collected a wide variety of coins ranging from those produced in Ancient Rome to the currencies of the British Empire. His choice was influenced by the years he studied law in England. 

The collector finds special interest in electrum coins. Mr. Rosen managed to put together a prominent collection that was exhibited at various museums in the 1980s. While numismatics definitely occupies an important place in Mr. Rosen’s life, he is also known for his efforts in other areas. He finds great interest in masterpieces of ancient art and is considered to be one of the most prominent collectors of Mesopotamian heritage. His wife Jeannete supported the passion and contributed her own efforts to the cause as well. Over decades their items have been displayed in Europe and Israel.

 The family was also recognized by universities in Great Britian and the United States. The passion for numismatics runs through the generation of the Rosen family. Jonathan’s son Adam continues his father’s legacy by increasing the vast collection of coins and art even further. Adam focuses on the heritage of Ancient Greece and his special interest lies in electrum coins. The ANS Board of Trustees honors the Rosen Family for their exceptional contribution to the cause in 2018. Now their name is written on the same board as the Adams, Sofaer, Goldberg and many other noticeable collectors. 

The award ceremony will be held at the annual Gala event. This occasion is used to raise funds by advertisement and sponsorship that are used to promote the ANS programs and attract new members. Stay tuned for more information on the occasion!

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