Terms of Use

1. By registering on bidex.pro platform or by visiting site bidex.pro and using any features that we propose you agree to comply with the terms of use. 

2. Bidex.pro works as an informational platform and is not responsible for any information that is provided by third parties, such as auction houses.

3. Users are not allowed to access the service in any way that makes harm to platform, or other users.

4. We reserve right to limit access to site bidex.pro for any user without any explanation. 

5. We respect and protect your privacy. We pledge to protect all private data, that you supply to us. 

6. User is responsible for keeping passwords in safe place and do not share it with any one. If you suspect that your account is compromised, please contact bidex.pro support as fast as possible to prevent leakage of private information

7. Usage of any content placed on this site is strictly prohibited unless it is used as shopping or informational resource. 

8. Bidex.pro dos not have any responsibility for items that are placed on the site and acts only as auction platform.  Also our platform do not guarantee quality and accuracy of descriptions, photos and grades placed on lots offers. 

9. All Bids placed while using Bidex.Pro are a contract between the bidder and the seller (the auction firm). This relationship is governed solely by the terms of sale for each auction. Bidex.Pro will not participate in arbitrating disputes between buyers and sellers

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